The Game | Coyote

Nothing beats the thrill of an Iowa Predator Hunt!

Our hunting areas are spread out over some 1,500 acres of private farm land, heavy timber, CRP areas bordered by corn, soy bean, and alfalfa fields. Iowa's corn fed Whitetail deer are also some of the most sporting and best tasting deer around.

Our coyote hunting takes place near Lake Rathbun, Iowa. The cold climate really enhances the pelt quality. The hides are thick and in perfect prime condition. The color is usually a light silver or pale, and they have good size to them. If you're interested in making a coyote fur coat, or just hanging a pelt in the den, these are the skins you want.

There are several ways to hunt coyotes, but the one most preferred is calling them in. Our terrain ranges from wide open corn and bean fields to wood filled ditches. Many of the time you get to watch the coyotes come in from hundreds of yards out.

Take advantage of our coyote hunting expertise. Our guides have several years of calling under their belts, and they are prepared to bring the coyotes right into you. Whether it is day or night, fall or winter, we have techniques designed for the condition.

We also offer night coyote hunting. These predators are most active during the night and under the cover of darkness, so this type of hunting offers a great opportunity to harvest additional coyotes. Coyote hunts are conducted during their prime seasons from November 1 until March 1. We will allow hunting all year round but the weeds get too thick to hunt them effectively after the first of May.