The Game | Turkeys

Our guide service has very exciting Turkey hunts available for everyone from the novice to an advanced turkey hunter.

As little as 30 years ago turkey hunting in Iowa was prohibited because the wild turkey had (for the most part) disappeared from the state. With the help of hunting clubs and other civic groups, Wildlife management officials have been able to bring the populations back, and the Iowa DNR now estimates that there are now over 100,000 wild turkeys now in the state.

Turkeys in Eastern and Central Iowa often average a beard length from 6" to 13" and weights will range from 23 to around 30 pounds.
Our lodge offers turkey hunts in both the spring and fall seasons and hunters can choose from either guided or unguided hunts with Firearms, muzzleloader or bow, and arrow. When you choose Our lodge, you will be hunting one of the best turkey hunting areas that Iowa has to offer, and our customers have had very high success rates in these areas. Our private turkey hunting areas include some of the richest bottom land, farm and agricultural areas as well as woodlands.

We have an abundance of free-roaming wild turkeys on our 1,500 acres. Your guide will take you on the hunt of a lifetime in some of the most beautiful country that Iowa turkey hunting has to offer. It is a one-on-one hunt with our very friendly and qualified guides, whose mission is your success and enjoyment. We guarantee 100% success rate. No Kill/No pay.

For all turkey tags, you need to contact the Iowa Department of Natural Resources ( now where all the deer are. Let us show you too! Most mature gobblers weigh between 20-24 lbs. and have 3/4"- 1 1/2" spurs, and beard lengths of 8"-12". Iowa turkey hunts are for the "Eastern" Sub-species.

If you are planning multiple day hunts, We can supply lodging at our main lodge in Russell, Iowa. To set up your next Turkey hunt, contact us today!